Built on a decade of research in the Electrical Power and Energy Conversion Group in the Department of Engineering, Cambridge GaN Devices, or CGD, was co-founded by Dr Giorgia Longobardi and Professor Florin Udrea. The company was created to develop opportunities arising from the team’s proprietary application of gallium nitride (GaN) to the silicon-based semiconductor transistor manufacturing process.

CGD’s engineers have developed a range of GaN power devices, ICeGaN™, that are much higher performing than state-of-the-art silicon-based devices, enabling significant reductions in the size and weight of power converters, while producing energy efficiencies higher than 99%.

The company’s range of ICeGaN™ transistors are customised for applications in critical markets, such as consumer and industrial Switch Mode Power Supply, lighting, data centres, and automotive HEV/EV. The higher efficiency of CGD devices, combined with their ease of use, will mean CGD GaN can easily replace silicon in key applications. CGD devices will also enable more compact power systems and better use of energy resources.

The investment round announced in February was co-led by IQ Capital, Parkwalk, and BGF, and was joined by Cambridge Enterprise, Foresight Williams, Martlet Capital, Cambridge Angels, and Cambridge Capital Group. CDG is using the funds to enlarge its product portfolio, expand its markets globally, and double the size of its team creating more sustainable electronics.